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Aviv is a word that has several similar meanings in Hebrew. It is also used as a given name and surname.

Aviv (film)

Aviv is a 2003 documentary about the Israeli singer/songwriter Aviv Geffen.

The film focuses on the life story of the Israeli singer/songwriter Aviv Geffen, who developed from an awkward little boy who was neglected by parents that “would rather buy hash than toys” into a nationally celebrated musician. The film combines old home videos, footage from on stage performances and private interviews in order to track Aviv Geffen's musical success and explain his complex personality.

Usage examples of "aviv".

Scud missiles had fallen on Tel Aviv, injuring at least twenty-four civilians.

Saddam Hussein has finally carried out an attack on Israel by firing modified Scud missiles at Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Saddam has hit Tel Aviv, the recognized capital of Israel, and shown that the heart of the Jewish state is no longer impregnable.

I hoped the information would help confirm that I was from England, not Tel Aviv as the crowd had seemed to believe.

I studied for two years in Tel Aviv, fifteen months in London, a year in Rome, and one very rainy spring in Zurich.

When I protested that I had access to adequate materials in Tel Aviv, David joked that nowhere would the spectrum of violence be more complete than in the United States.

Saul had flown into Tel Aviv five hours too late to join the fighting even as a medic, but not too late to hear young Aaron and Isaac tell and re-tell the second-hand exploits of their older brother, Avner, a captain in the Air Force.

After three years working at communications in Tel Aviv and another year in the field somewhere in the Sinai, Aaron had come to Washington to work with a task force at the Israeli Embassy.

Natalie left the ugly suburbs of Tel Aviv and drove north along the coast on the Haifa Road.

About twenty miles from Tel Aviv she passed through Netanya, a cluttered little resort town set on cliffs above the beach.

Cohen had received little support from his embassy or his superiors in Tel Aviv, but early on Sunday, January 4, the station wagon with Saul, Natalie, and two American-born Israeli agents passed over the Peace Bridge from Niagara Falls, New York, to Niagara Falls, Canada.

Five days later they flew from Toronto to Tel Aviv with their new identities.

Tel Aviv sent the word tomorrow that the future of the state of Israel depended upon C.

In the arrogance of the months following the Six Day War, a plan was proposed in Tel Aviv to tap into the main channels of US intelligence by placing moles and paid informants in key positions.

Yom Kippur War had shown the old men in Tel Aviv that nothing less than the survival of Israel depended upon access to such improved and extensive intelligence as only the Americans could provide.