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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aviso \A*vi"so\, n. [Sp.]

  1. Information; advice.

  2. An advice boat, or dispatch boat. [1913 Webster] ||


n. 1 information; advice; intelligence. 2 An advice boat, or dispatch boat.


An aviso ( Portuguese and Spanish term for "advice", "notice" or "warning", formerly also an adviso) was originally a kind of dispatch boat or "advice boat". The term was latter adopted by the French and Portuguese navies to classify their medium sized warships designed for colonial service. The term continued to be used in the French Navy to classify the D'Estienne d'Orves-class patrol frigates until 2012, when the remaining ships of the class were reclassified as offshore patrol ships. It is similar to the modern use of " sloop" in other countries.

The Dictionnaire de la Marine Française 1788 – 1792 (by Nicolas-Charles Romme) describes avisos as "small boats designed to carry orders or dispatches". This use became obsolete with the development of means of communicating detailed information at a distance.

French World War I avisos, used also during World War II, had displacement 300-700 tons, speeds of 13-20 knots, main armaments usually of two 100 mm guns, two 138 mm guns, or four 100 mm guns. Colonial avisos, such as the intended for overseas service, were larger.

The Portuguese Navy used avisos to operate in the waters of the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese built 1st rate avisos ( Afonso de Albuquerque class) of 2,400 tons and 2nd rate avisos ( and Pedro Nunes classes) of 1,200 to 1,700 tons. In 1932, the Portuguese s were also classified as 2nd rate avisos.

The term is now used to include combat-capable ships larger than patrol boats, but smaller than corvettes. They typically have roles in anti-submarine warfare and coastal defence. In NATO classification they are usually recognized as corvettes.

The Argentine Navy has several ships classified as avisos. ARA Alférez Sobral, an 800-ton aviso used for non-combat tasks, built as a US Navy fleet tug, was attacked and damaged during the 1982 Falklands War.

Usage examples of "aviso".

The Otter is very recognizable, and if any fishing-boat or aviso or watchman on the cliffs sees her standing in, then every soldier and militiaman on the island will be running about, shooting the first thing that stirs.

Furthermore, the Iphigenia had sent an aviso with word that the three frigates in Port-Louis were ready for sea, and the Sirius was extremely busy, preparing her return.

Mr Richardson, you will take the Pearl aviso with four good hands and run up to Port-Louis, find the Staunch, and bring her down.

Pearl of the Mascarenes, the fastest aviso in the island, lay champing at her buoy.

The Emma had been called in by aviso from her station off Rodriguez, but he had not looked for her sooner than Thursday.

There was a small aviso rocking gently in the bay, which he recognized immediately.

He saw the pair over the side and stood watching as the aviso tacked out of the bay.

The aviso was heading south, well away from the lugger near the northern horizon.

Now, as he sat off Gruelegra and watched the aviso clear the reef and shape a return course to the south-east, he was in no doubt.

Then it was gone, run down on its boom, as the aviso headed in towards the shore.

The remains of their aviso, now in two sections, thudding down either side of the ship, careered into them, the jagged edges of wood cutting flesh and the sheer force of the impact breaking bones.

The sight of the aviso heading flat out into the bay turned his stomach for a moment, since it smacked of impending danger.

As soon as he appeared his companion hauled his sail round to bring the aviso alongside the Ariadne.

Dias piscando o olho esquerdo para mim, que, apesar do aviso, fiquei zangado.

Swallow, an aviso bound for the offshore squadron, from which Stephen could easily reach the Bellona.