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Avion (band)

Avion were an Australian 1980s pop rock band formed in 1981, originally named Lionheart, the line-up was Evan Murray on keyboards, Martin Toole on guitar, and three brothers: John Waller on drums, Kendall Waller on bass guitar and Randall Waller on lead vocals and lead guitar. The group issued two albums, Avion (1983) and White Noise (1987). Late in 1987, Murray died in a car accident and the group disbanded. According to Australian rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, the group had "a strong cult following ... [with their] brand of melodic, American-influenced Adult Oriented Rock ... [but] met with virtual indifference at home".


Avión is a municipality in the Spanish province of Ourense. It has a population of 2053 (2014) and an area of 121 km².

Avion (car)

The Avion is a prototype sportscar that achieves over 100 MPG. The Avion car is based on a simple concept: fuel economy is largely determined by aerodynamic drag and vehicle weight. The Avion uses existing automotive components, an existing high-efficiency automotive diesel engine and marries them to a lightweight aluminum frame and highly aerodynamic composite body. The Avion was an official contender in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.

Usage examples of "avion".

Since the Avion government had banned Kin-sha ten years ago, any use of it would be disastrous or worse.

Those idiots in the Avion government blamed the whole mess on the Chief of Security and his Kin-sha unit.

And you know that Avion will never forgive the Kin-sha for tarnishing their pristine image.

The worst part is that it took Dakru too long to notify Avion that the shipment never arrived.

Theirs was an older version, gleaned from the Avion government by the remaining Kin sha, capable of training pilots under actual battle conditions without risk.

Now that she was out from under the dark cloud of Avion, excitement shimmered through her.

The destruction of the Avion vaccine shipment bound for Dakru ten years ago.

Someone had deliberately destroyed that shipment and purposely dishonored the Kin sha, Avion, and her father.

The only files accessed were for the Avion vaccine negotiations and communications ten years ago.

In this position, he could guarantee that Avion or the Kin sha never forgot their intolerable mistakes of the past.

Yet the only files touched just happened to involve the Avion to Dakru vaccine shipment.

Why, after all these years would someone want the Avion vaccine files?

I used the security codes you gave me and pulled the shipment information from the Avion archives.

Even if Avion had no intention of fulfilling its obligation, Dakru would have been expecting a shipment, a rendezvous.

A society controlled by the privileged few in the Central Consortium, the governing body, who fostered the undercurrent of conduct, superiority, and promotion of Avion to the rest of the universe.