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n. (given name male from=Hebrew).

Avi (author)

Edward Irving Wortis (born December 23, 1937), better known by the pen nameAvi, is an American author of young adult and children's literature. He is a winner of the Newbery Medal and twice one of the runners-up ( Newbery Honor).


Avi or AVI may refer to:

  • The Sun, in Sanskrit
  • Avi (author), the pen name of children's author Edward Irving Wortis
  • Avi, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Audio Video Interleave, a multimedia container format and file type associated with the filename extension .avi
  • AVI BioPharma, a biopharmaceutical company
  • Judged by Your Work Party (Asa Vita no Ifampitsarana), a political party in Madagascar.
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification
  • Arkansas Valley Interurban Railway
  • A shortening of Avionics

Usage examples of "avi".

avi says, "to begin with, I think it’s better to aspire to having Amy than to actually have Charlene.

And all of this bad behavior on the Dentist’s part is just his way of showing that he wants to mate with us.

This is a contraction of the phrase, "We could end up in prison married to the guy with the most cigarettes," which Avi coined during their earlier Andrew-related legal troubles and had so many occasions to repeat that it was eventually reduced to this vestigial three words.

But if he has only a vague idea," Avi says, "then Tombstone becomes perhaps very important—if the information is stored on Tombstone.

Then neither of them especially feels like dropping back to a walk, so they run all the way across the parking lot of the neighborhood grocery store and into the wooded creek-valley where Avi has his house.

They are back at the house directly, and then Avi points significantly at the ceiling, which is his way of saying that they had better assume the house is bugged now.

Then Avi squats down and ejects a Raffi tape from the little-kid tape recorder and shoves in his incoming-message tape, rewinds it, and plays it.

Randy says, "I feel like shit for having inflicted all of this on Dave and his crew.

There is also little doubt that that is precisely what the more literarily inclined Syrian commanders had in mind when they placed the final touches on the operations plans that would hurl more tanks and guns at the Israelis than any of Hitler's vaunted panzer generals had ever dreamed of having.

Had the information been acted upon, the Syrians would have been massacred before the Purple Line for all their lavish collection of tanks and guns, and there is little glory in massacres.

For all its firepower, the Israeli Army was not heavily outfitted with tube artillery, particularly by Soviet standards.

Instead of heavy concentrations of mobile field guns, the Israelis chose to depend heavily on large numbers of short-range mortars, and attack aircraft.

Israel did not have many nuclear weapons at the time - and denies having any to this date.

Fortunately, this officer was not at all excited about the idea of having half-live 'nukes' sitting about on a flight line that some lucky Arab might attack at any moment.

A religious man, for all the dangers that faced his country on that cold dawn, he breathed a silent prayer of thanks when cooler heads prevailed in Tel Aviv, and gave the order to stand JOSHUA down.