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Munshun says, "zat ze yearz could be rawled avey vrum you jusst as ze stunn vas rawled avey from ze mouse of Cheezus Chrizze's doom.

So hiking up her skirts, she went as fast as she was able down the hill, then through the little gap in the stone wall that bordered the graveyard.

She’d set one herself for King in Ireland, in the graveyard of Cian and Hoyt’s ancestors.

Then I was alone, broken and lost, with the graveyard dirt barely washed off me.

The off-season vacation package—airfare, hotel and continental breakfast included—had been a surprise thirtieth birthday gift from Davey’s father to his wife.

When she and Lora had reconciled, as they always did, Lilith had told her Davey was their vampiric Peter Pan.

On that night, when we’ve flooded that valley with blood, taken what’s ours by right, I want you and Davey at my side.

We’ve lost a hunting party and a raiding party, and it’s no place for Davey out there.

A moment too late, as Davey leaped onto Cian’s back, struck with fang and fist.

Candy Avey, who was on her way to the Social Security office when the explosions occurred, was blown away from the building, struck a parking meter, and then hit her car.