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vb. (en-third-person singular of: avert)

Usage examples of "averts".

What wonder if he reddens and (against his will, for he longs to go on looking at her) averts his eyes.

Poole looks down at the apron, then, blushing as red as the no embroidered upon it, averts his eyes.

Logan averts his gaze onto the figures as their eyes fall back to a stony state.

The stop warily in front of her, as Majest averts her gaze from the battle behind where the samurai are pinned against the far wall.

And once more she gives him that soft eager look, and once more averts it as he turns to her.

While your aspect averts, with secret terror, the vulgar regard, it excites in my heart the charm of delicious sentiments--sublime contemplations.

This said, the god permits the fatal fight, But from the Latian fields averts his sight.

Nor less the captive struggles for his life: He writhes his body to prolong the strife, And, fencing for his naked throat, exerts His utmost vigor, and the point averts.

Then his spirit was bathed in the divine light, the same washing sensation he had felt weeks ago at the Dragon’s Codpiece when he had gone in search of Headmaster Averts spirit.

He thought he heard Headmaster Averts voice at that moment, but the notion was lost when he saw the magical sword arcing his way, slicing for his unprotected neck, too close for him to dodge.