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n. 1 A vertical shaft leading upward from a cave passage, sometimes connecting with passages above. 2 A pothole.


Aven or AVEN may refer to:

  • Asexual Visibility and Education Network, an Internet-based community to promote awareness of asexual orientation
  • Aven, Papua New Guinea, a village in Morobe Province
  • Aven River in Brittany, France
  • Aven (Magic: The Gathering), a fictional bird race in Magic: The Gathering
  • Pitch (vertical space), in rock or ice climbing
  • Pyotr Aven, Russian businessman and politician
  • Aven Bird, Legendary Myth
  • Valley of Aven, an obscure Biblical location
Aven (river)

The Aven is a natural watercourse on the south coast of Brittany, France (Atlas, 2007). Its source is near Coray. It flows in a generally southerly direction through Rosporden and Pont-Aven before discharging into the Atlantic Ocean at the seaside resort Port Manec'h, part of Névez. Paul Gauguin spent some of his life living in the town of Pont-Aven, where he enjoyed painting scenes by the river Aven. The waters of the river are rather rapidly flowing and are tidal up until the town of Pont-Aven. The water quality has been tested as slightly alkaline with a pH of 8.50 (at a location in Pont-Aven) where Gauguin was known to have painted his noted Lavenders (Lumina Tech, 2006). Summer water temperature has tested at 17.5 degrees Celsius and electrical conductivity of the river tested to be .19 micro-siemens per centimetre. The waters are relatively clear with Secchi disc tests at Pont-Aven yielding a measurement of 65 centimetres.

Usage examples of "aven".

Or his daughter–in–law, Esten, Wien’s eldest daughter, who had married Aven in a joyful ceremony — how many year ago?

Noyock debated whether to go, for though he tried not to intervene in the way Aven raised the boy, he had often found that by simply appearing on the scene, Aven’s anger was tempered, and Hoom was spared the worst.

Large welts were rising, but Noyock calculated that Aven could be hitting a good deal harder, and so didn’t intervene, only walked in a little farther and cheerfully said, “That brings the count to eleven.

And Aven had gone so far, this time, as to insist that the window remain closed.

Of course Aven would never know, this late at night, whether he was obeyed or not — but Hoom suspected that his father was so angry, this time, that he’d at least consider watching one night outside Hoom’s room, just to see if he was obeyed.

But at the moment he turned, Aven finished the gesture he had begun, and struck Hoom hard.

Concerned, Wix leaped to his feet at the same time as Aven, and both of them shouted for a count.

Behind her, she could hear Aven saying, “We can’t give them tools — they’d build boats in a week.

Billin seized the opportunity, and while Dilna and a few others used their torches to keep the men on the stairs at bay, Billin rushed forward, swinging his torch at Aven and Noyock.

And the next year, the great fleets of the Lords of the Sea set sail, Noyock and Aven to the west, and Stipock, Jobbin, Linkeree, and Captil to the south.

And careful study of the Aven Map will undoubtedly bring us a greater understanding of the religion, the government, and the culture of people much farther into our past than archaeologists had ever dared to dream of going.

Do you wish to explain your action here or before the Aven and the leader of your tribe?

Ivor dan Banor, Aven of the Dalrei, holds that title in the same way that Revor himself did: under the High King of Brennin, who is Aileron dan Ailell, and to whom you swore an oath of your own, Levon!

Not merely one of the nine chieftains on the Plain, but a Lord, first Aven since Revor himself.

Leith had taken to calling him Aven around the home, and only half in teasing, Ivor knew.