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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Avel \A*vel\, v. t. [L. avellere.] To pull away. [Obs.]

Yet are not these parts avelled.
--Sir T. Browne.


vb. (context transitive obsolete English) To pull away.


Avel is a male first name.

Usage examples of "avel".

His house, barn-red with brown shutters, sat three hundred yards off the main channel, so most of the weekend boat traffic traveled clear of him.

Rudy Graveline was a plastic surgeon, and he dearly loved to see the sun.

Rudy Graveline could not accommodate all the snowbirds, but he did his damnedest.

Graveline pulled away just as the phone started ringing somewhere in New Jersey.

The look on her face suggested disappointment at her partner’s performance, but Rudy Graveline did not notice.

Rudy Graveline had locked his office door and made a telephone call to a seafood restaurant in New Jersey.

Rudy Graveline made an appointment with the second killer for January tenth at three in the afternoon.

Graveline was not alarmed, because he knew how Chemo had come to look this way: It was not melanoma, but a freak electrolysis accident in Scranton, many years before.

Graveline whether the man he was supposed to kill was black or white, because it might have saved some time.

Rudy Graveline at the Durkos Center, only one had remained in Miami after the clinic closed.

Graveline was central to the mystery, and Stranahan didn’t want to spook him.

We assumed it was a major fuckup, or else why would Graveline pull out so fast?

And if Graveline ordered them out, Reynaldo and Willie would be sure to leave through the spa exit, tape rolling.

Graveline settled in behind a gleaming onyx desk and folded his hands.

Rudy Graveline wondered if he should call Chemo and tell him to speed things up.