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Avdey is a rare Russian male first name. The Russian language borrowed the name from Byzantine Christianity in the form of Avdiy ( or ), but in the colloquial usage it transformed into "Avdey". "Avdiy" continued to be a form used by the Russian Orthodox Church, having replaced an earlier form Audiy . The name derives either from the Biblical Hebrewobadyā (abdiyāhu), meaning god's slave, god's servant, or from Greekaudēis, meaning sonorous, melodious—from the Biblical prophet Obadiah.

The diminutives of "Avdey" include Ava and Deya , as well as Avdeyka , Avdya , Avda , Avdyukha , Avdyusha , Avdasha , Avdyunya , Avdusya , Avdyusya , and Adya .

The patronymics derived from "Avdey" are "" (Avdeyevich; masculine) and its colloquial form "" (Avdeich), and "" (Avdeyevna; feminine).

Last names Avdonin, Avdokhin, Avdoshin, Avdyunin, and Avdyushin all derive from this first name.