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Usage examples of "avay".

So you, at eighty years, can maybe run avay, and shtay up late at night vith naked girls?

Presbyter Johannes, a great king who comes on der magic horse to chase avay die Turks and Tatars, because now outsider der castle die Tatars burn and loot and rape.

So short is our remaining time, so let us to talk it avay mit other, more pleasant things.

I prognosticated how it voud be, ven the alderman patronised him last veek by throwing avay a whole shilling upon his fooleries.

She vanted me to give her monish, and she must have seen de package lying on the safe and taken it avay.

So short is our remaining time, so let us to talk it avay mit other, more pleasant things.

Saint straight avay to see Morrie, as if he had been searched, und let him take a knife and a gun mit him?

Weller, as they came out of the bankinghouse--'my son and me has a wery partickler engagement this arternoon, and I should like to have this here bis'ness settled out of hand, so let's jest go straight avay someveres, vere ve can hordit the accounts.

Sulliwin, as has five blessed children of her own, can't go out a charing for one arternoon, but what hussies must be a comin', and 'ticing avay her oun' 'usband, as she's been married to twelve year come next Easter Monday, for I see the certificate ven I vas a drinkin' a cup o' tea vith her, only the werry last blessed Ven'sday as ever was sent.

He spent all his money in bears, and run in debt for ’em besides, and there they wos a growling avay down in the front cellar all day long, and ineffectooally gnashing their teeth, vile the grease o’ their relations and friends wos being re-tailed in gallipots in the shop above, and the first-floor winder wos ornamented vith their heads.

Den, ven you getting mudders, I leave you dere, fly avay, no come back.