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Etymology 1 a. Of or pertaining to the Avar language or people. n. A person belonging to this people of Caucasus, mainly of Daghestan, in which they are the predominant group. n. A North Caucasian language spoken mainly in Avaria (Republic of Daghestan) as its official language, and in parts of Azerbaijan. Etymology 2

a. of or pertaining to the Eurasian Avar language or people n. member of a group of professional equestrian nomads who established an empire spanning considerable areas of Central and Eastern Europe from the late 6th to the early 9th century; also called Eurasian Avars, to distinguish them from the Avars of the Caucasus n. the extinct language of the Eurasian Avars, probably belonging to the Oghur branch of the Turkic language family


Avar(s) or AVAR may refer to:

Avar (animation variable)

An avar or animation variable (or hinge) is a variable controlling the position of part of an animated object, such as a character. The character "Woody" in the Disney• Pixar film Toy Story (1995) uses 712 avars (212 his the face alone). Successive sets of avars control all movement of the character from frame to frame. In development, they are used to define the junctions of a stick model. Later, they are incorporated into a full wire frame model or a model built of polygons. Finally, surfaces are added, requiring a lengthy process of rendering to produce the final scene.

There are several ways of generating the avar values. Motion capture uses lights or markers on a real person acting out the part, tracked by a video camera. Toy Story uses no motion capture, manual control by a skilled animator can produce effects not easily carried out by a human actor.

Usage examples of "avar".

After a long and victorious march, the new Avars arrived at the foot of Mount Caucasus, in the country of the Alani and Circassians, where they first heard of the splendor and weakness of the Roman empire.

Raum hesitated a little, then began by explaining the significance of the groves to the Avar people and how those Avar children who had the potential to become Banes had to be presented and bonded to the Mother.

Both Icarii Enchanters and Avar Banes had been worried about the arrival of spring.

I introduced you to the Avar Banes, the Clan Leaders, and the Earth Tree.

The Avar Banes and Clan Leaders waited for Axis inside the stone circle.

Whereas the Yuletide rites were closely tied to the sun and the sun god Narcis, and the Icarii male Enchanters and Avar Banes dominated, Beltide celebrated the rebirth of the earth after the death of winter, and, in rites that celebrated renewal, the females had long dominated.

Avar Banes have been transforming for well over fifteen thousand years, Faraday Tree Friend.

The Avar are the most ancient race of Tencendor, and their Banes have been transforming for a very long time.

Normally the Banes are the only members of the Avar race who know the paths in order to find the Grove.

Sacred Horned Ones, the magical creatures that male Avar Banes transformed into when they died.

Acceptance was reserved only for Banes of the Avar and those children they brought to the Mother.

As usual, they were a mix of all races, though with a distinct Asian and African cast, here: Ethiops dark as night and brawny Nubians even darker, and fiat-faced fair-skinned Circassians and Avars and other sinewy northern folk, and some who might have been Persians or Indians, and even a sullen yellow-haired man who could have been a Briton or Teuton.

The Avar man with GoldFeather became frighteningly angry, but GoldFeather had persuaded him against any action and had then reassured a frightened Azhure.

Finally, having had enough of the fawning, resentful Septs, Phoran sent for Avar to go riding with him.

A conception of the extent of this spoil may be gathered from the fact that the Greek emperor during the seventh century paid the Avars annually as tribute eighty thousand gold solidi, and that on a single occasion the Emperor Heraclius was forced to pay them an equal sum.