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I'm the potentially gifted ten-year-old tennis and lexical prodigy whose mom's a continental mover and shaker in the prescriptive-grammar academic world and whose dad's a towering figure in optical and avant-garde film circles and single-handedly founded the Enfield Tennis Academy but drinks Wild Turkey at like 5:00 A.

Exceptionally conversant w/r/t avant-garde celluloid and avant and après-garde digital cartridges, antíconfluential cinema,61 Brutalism, Found Drama, etc.

Molly Notkin has one dirty-nailed hand on Joelle's arm and one on the head of a chair of Maya Deren brooding avant-gardedly in vivid spun-glass polymers, and is telling Joelle about her Orals in a party's near-shout that will leave her hoarse well before this big one's sad end.

Despite himself (and showing a striking lack of insight into his Moms's psyche), Hal fears that Avril sees Mario as the family's real prodigy, an in-bent savant-type genius of no classifiable type, a very rare and shining thing, even if his intuition slow and silent scares her, his academic poverty breaks her heart, the smile he puts on each A.

Tempe AZ had lost two-thirds of the attendees of an avant-garde film festival in Arizona State U.

So the tenure-jockeys and critics who were hailing this millennial new Orthochromatic Neorealism thing as the real new avant-garde thing were getting tenure by blasting Dick and Godbout and the flying Snow Brothers and The Stork for trying to be avant-garde, when really they were self-consciously trying to be more like après-garde.

It wasn't impossible maybe even the name you hit with the dart was somebody dead in the last year and the phone book hadn't caught up, and here was this guy who was dead and just a random name in a phone book and the subject of what people for a few months until Himself couldn't keep a straight face anymore or had had enough revenge on the critics, because the critics were hailing not just the critics in on the joke, but actual tenure-jockeys who were getting tenure to assess and dismiss and hail they were hailing this as the ultimate in avant-garde Neorealism, and saying maybe The Stork deserved reappraisal, for a Drama with no audience and oblivious actors who might have moved away or died.

     Picaresque pretty obviously referring to the comic-Surrealist tradition of Bay Area avant-gardeists like Peterson & Broughton, since Peterson's Potted Psalm's mother-and- Death stuff and The Cage's cranial-imprisonment and disconnected-eyeball stuff are pretty obvious touchstones in a lot of Himself's more parodic-slapstick productions.

Although Junior had been in San Francisco for over a week, he had not yet sampled this avant-garde art form.

The criteria of cool were the same as at the current hottest dance clubs, and in fact the bouncers controlling the gate at the finest avant-garde galleries were those who worked the clubs.

He was said to be well known in San Francisco's avant-garde arts community.

  Next evening, Profane was sitting in the guardroom at Anthroresearch Associates, feet propped on a gas stove, reading an avant-garde western called Existentialist Sheriff, which Pig Bodine had recommended.

Soon after this incident she fell pregnant with her first and only daughter who will later become an avant-garde feminist film maker.

He was in fact a wealthy businessman who owned a highly bankable avant-garde retail and design empire, two shops, a restaurant and a perfume about to be launched.