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n. (plural of avalanche English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: avalanche)

Usage examples of "avalanches".

Shapers sent avalanches down to bury the columns, or warriors tumbled boulders on them, still when the dust had cleared the horde pressed on, clambering over stone and corpses alike.

By the time we were all on the North-East Ridge and climbing it, the visibility was close to zero, the temperature had dropped about fifty degrees, the snow was thick and mushy and treacherous, and we could hear but not see avalanches roaring down both the East Face of K2 and this very slope somewhere both ahead of us and behind us in the fog.

The earlier snowstorm had hidden all the crevasses and we had heard or seen no avalanches in the past seventy-two hours.

Now he could make out long, twisted spits emerging from it, avalanches of snow moving in weird slow motion.

From then on, none of the sides touched the ring, though it came down in avalanches of ice on the planet.

Breakers, rushing down the slopes swift as charging buffalo, or avalanches in winter.

Apsalar increased pace as one of those unseen, sundering avalanches drew near the group, driving for the arched gate.