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Avair was an independent Irish airline which operated chartered business flights, it also operated a number of air routes within Ireland such as Cork- Derry, Dublin-Sligo, Dublin-Waterford, Dublin-Cork, and Dublin-Derry availing of some government subsidies.

Gerry Connolly was the founder and Managing Director, Avair Ltd. Connolly set up Avair in 1978 with investment from Crest Holdings and operated a twice weekly service between Cork and Derry.

On 13 January 1982, Avair commenced a domestic commuter service between Cork Airport and Dublin. Avair also flew to Dublin twice weekly from Waterford Airport.

The Airline was granted a number for international routes between Dublin and Blackpool, Nottingham, East Midlands and Leeds Bradford in the UK.

The Airline closed in February 1984 after failing to get further government subsidies. Iona National Airways took over some of the Avair routes such as Dublin-Sligo, and many of the internal Irish routes are now operated by Aer Lingus Regional.