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Beaten at the outset when his men were outflanked, he had somehow regrouped, steadied his line, and fought back with a savagery that chilled even the longtime outlaw.

Why should Avshar let Yezd be ravaged if he can block the attack with these plainsmen, who are but tools in his hand?

Then the fighting turned savage, with the surrounded nomads making charge after desperate charge, trying to hack their way back to their comrades.

Remembering ravaged fields and burned keeps in Vaspurakan, Nevrat found only fierce delight in their predicament.

He kicked savagely at the man he had knifed, then fell himself as the woman beside him smashed a clay water jug over his head.

From the savage scowl on the Mzeshi's face, Gorgidas was sure Narbas was shading the translation.

Then he pulled his saber free and, bending low in the saddle, slashed savagely at a pair of Yezda rushing toward him.

It was warm, muddy, and gave all four of his guests a savage diarrhea.

A disproportionate number of ravaged buildings had been shrines of the Four Prophets.

But it being so, much of what has passed in the intervening centuries makes better sensejust as one example, the savage behavior of the Haloga mercenary troop that crossed the Astris in the reign of Anthimos III five hundred years agothough I would still say Anthimos' antics had much to do with the success they enjoyed until Krispos gained the throne a few years later.

Now he cursed Balsamon with a savagery worse than any his Yezda could aspire to, for the outcast always hates more fiercely than the mere enemy.

Wizards went down one by one all along the Videssian line, broken under Avshar's savage onslaught.

He traded savage cuts with Avshar, driving the wizard-prince from Scaurus.

You know as well as I what Gavras did in the dead of nightsent out his Videssians and those vicious savages from Shaumkhiil to harry my warriors in their scattered camps.

They were as unkempt as their beasts, and looked half s avage, and dangerous.