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There was no requirement for the usual network of strategic warning grav-distortion-detector satellites which guarded ordinary asteroid settlements and planets, Tranquillity’s perception of local space was unrivalled, making threat response a near-instantaneous affair.

For instance, the past tense of the verb lav- "lick" is seen to be lávë (attested in Namárië as part of the verb undulávë "down-licked", that is, "covered").

We might actually have expected the past tense of lav- "lick" to be **lambë rather than lávë.

The Qenya Lexicon actually lists ambë as the past tense of a verb av- "depart" (QL:33).

Above we quoted the QL form tyávë as an attested past tense of the verb tyav- "taste", but in the 1915 Lexicon, the verb "taste" is actually given as an A-stem tyava-: It is not a primary verb tyav as it becomes in later sources (QL:49 vs.

In Quenya there are two verbs lav-, one meaning "lick" and the other "yield, allow, grant".

Lav- "lick" from LAB would have the straightforward perfect form alávië, whereas lav- "allow" from DAB would have the perfect form arávië (older azávië).

He drew the av-tlen and pried loose the knots at Duncan’s wrists with its point, carefully unwound the thongs that were embedded in Duncan’s swollen flesh and looped the recovered leather through its ring on his own belts.

Duncan looked to the skies as if in hope, looked back sharply as Niun whipped the av-tlen from its sheath, a whisper of edged metal.

He considered, then from his belt drew the av-tlen, the little-sword, two hands in length.

And he drew the av-tlen from his belt, and would have laid aside all his weapons.

He showed his, and de­clined, and with his av-tlen, cut off a bit of it that was sickly sweet in his mouth.