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Av \Av\ n. 1. the eleventh month of the civil year; the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in July and August).

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abbr. 1 (abbreviation of ad valorem English) 2 (abbreviation of avenue English) 3 (abbreviation of average English) 4 (abbreviation of avoirdupois English) 5 (abbreviation of antivirus English) 6 (abbreviation of audiovisual English) 7 (context text messaging English) have


Av (, StandardAv TiberianʾĀḇ Aramaic אבא Abba; from Akkadianabu; " father") is the eleventh month of the civil year and the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar. The name is Babylonian in origin and appeared in the Talmud around the 3rd century. This is the only month which is not named in the Bible. It is a summer month of 30 days. Av usually occurs in July–August on the Gregorian calendar.

The Babylonian Talmud, Taanit 29a, states that "when we enter [the month of] Av, our joy is diminished". This is because the darkest events in Jewish history occurred during the first week and a half of this month, particularly The Nine Days which culminate in Tisha B'Av, the 9th of Av. However, there is a minor and largely unknown holiday during the full moon of the month called Tu B'Av which was, in ancient times, one of the happiest days of the year.

The month is also sometimes referred to as Menachem Av (Av of Comfort or Comforter of Father(s)), but most only use this title in the sanctification of the month recited on the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh and following Tisha B'Av.

AV (cyclecar)

The AV was a British cyclecar manufactured by Ward and Avey in Somerset Road, Teddington Middlesex between 1919 and 1924.

It was one of the more successful cyclecars and was based on a design bought from Carden and built in the factory that they had previously used. At the peak they had 80 employees.

The first model was a single-seater, the Monocar, only wide with bodies built by the Thames Valley Pattern Works out of wood, plywood or even compressed paper. The complete car only weighed about . Engines were rear mounted, air-cooled and rated from 5 to 8 hp. There was a choice of JAP (most commonly), Blackburne or rarely MAG units. Gearboxes were either a two-speed epicyclic unit with foot operated change or three-speed Sturmey-Archer with chain drive to the rear axle. Steering was by a wire and bobbin system with the entire front axle being pivoted on early cars. Several hundred were made.

The Monocar was described by Ixion of The Motor Cycle as

a low, coffin-shape projectile, moderately attractive in dense fog

In 1920 a two-seater, the Bi-car, was added with the passenger behind the driver. The width of the car increased to 36 inches. About 50 were made. A more conventional side by side model was added in 1921 called the Runabout with a body long. The original Monocar and Bi-car were dropped in 1922 but production of the Runabout continued until 1924 and later to special order.

The company changed its name in 1923 to A.V. Motors Ltd and after the end of car production became Jowett and later Rootes Group dealers.

Usage examples of "av".

Saul had flown into Tel Aviv five hours too late to join the fighting even as a medic, but not too late to hear young Aaron and Isaac tell and re-tell the second-hand exploits of their older brother, Avner, a captain in the Air Force.

Avner and Avraham brought the two automatic rifles hidden in long sports bags.

SMALL AVREN THEY WENDED eastward at an easy pace, halting as it pleased them, sleeping on the turf or sheltering at one of the many farmsteads among the rich green vales.

Together with him and the three As, Adam, Avner, and Avraham, and Jock and Ben and two lookouts, I went to the Hurva ruins again by night.

Avner and Avraham aimed, and someone uttered a shriek: Pascoli, had I hit him?

Days of harsh travel brought them across Small Avren to Cenarth, where Taran had chosen to begin the rallying of the Commot Folk.