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AUUG is an Australian association and users' group. It describes itself as the organisation for Unix, Linux and Open Source professionals. Its aim is to build a community of those interested in open systems and open standards. Both people and institutions may be members.

The newsletter AUUGN is pronounced .

AUUG runs nationally with chapters in most states and territories. The main activities are a website, mailing lists, the AUUGN newsletter, various conferences, and regular chapter meetings.

Along with USENIX, AUUG is one of the oldest Unix user groups in the world. Founded in 1975 by John Lions and others as the Australian Unix systems User Group, it has since broadened its remit but retains the name. It was constituted on 27 August 1984 and incorporated as "AUUG Inc" on 26 August 1988 in Victoria. It is (as at 2010) in the process of being dissolved.

Status Update: As of 9-Jan-2015, the Victorian Incorporated Association Register lists A0016636N (AUUG Inc) as Deregistered. Last return filed in 1995.