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n. equipment used on ships and boats to maintain a chosen course without constant human action

Usage examples of "autohelm".

They double-checked the minimums and ran a second test of the autohelm, but as they passed through two hundred, the view outside the Hyperscreens continued to remain featureless, and brightened only slightly after another hundred irals of descent.

She was ready to follow through with the autohelm if she elected to land with it or disconnect and let Brim manually fly the starship on a go-around.

His hands were over his own controls now, poised for a go-around with the autohelm DISCONNECT under his right thumb and Starfury's missed-approach procedure memorized by countless hours simulating blind landings at Varnholm Hail.

Under these circumstances, he wasn't about to trust anybody's hundred-year-old autohelm.

If he reacted correctly to them, and to at least the next ten dignitaries that followed, it was clearly done on "autohelm," for he remembered no more of the evening until the royal couple departed—an event that transpired no more than a few cycles after they completed the reception line.

Once safe in hyperspace, he put the ship on autohelm and, for the first time in.

With Defiant running on autohelm, his mind quickly reverted to thoughts of Claudia.

Georgina had fed the coordinates of the break into the autohelms of their drill-rigs, so all they had to do for a while was relax, wiggle around in their armor, and maybe snuff up a euphoric or two while hurtling along at 500 kph toward a mess under the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.