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n. Any of several devices that display words for a person to read aloud


n. a device that displays words for people to read [syn: prompter]


Autocue is a UK based manufacturer of teleprompter systems. The company was founded in 1955 and licensed its first on-camera teleprompter, based on a patent by Jess Oppenheimer, in 1962. Its products are used by tens of thousands of journalists, presenters, politicians and video production staff in almost every country in the world. In Dutch, "autocue" became a genericized trademark as there is no Dutch word for teleprompter.

Usage examples of "autocue".

And, thanks to your script on Autocue, who I just introduced as my next guest.

He was a workmanlike but not a charismatic speaker, reading with level intonation from the autocue on the transparent lectern in front of him, and punching up the relevant slides at the relevant moments.

I wondered if he could really still do it without re-takes, an autocue, a full production crew and the Dutch courage of cocaine.

The rigorous preparation for each interview, the ever-ready autocue and his cultured on-screen sensibility, which was more that of the actor than the journalist, all served to hide the real man from the public.

It was a stupid dog, could not even read an autocue, which way why some people had protested about its name, but it should at least have been able to recognize Arthur instead of standing there, hackles raised, as if Arthur was the most fearful apparition ever to intrude upon its feeble-witted life.

He probably was: reading from an autocue that had popped up in lenses of those doctorish horn-rims.

There was of course nothing on their papers, but maintaining the fiction that TV presenters are proper journalists, as opposed to people who read whatever comes up on the autocue, is one of the principal duties of current‑affairs broadcasting.