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n. (obsolete spelling of authority English)

Usage examples of "authoritie".

O execrable Son so to aspire Above his Brethren, to himself affirming Authoritie usurpt, from God not giv'n: He gave us onely over Beast, Fish, Fowl Dominion absolute.

Private, are those, which are constituted by Subjects amongst themselves, or by authoritie from a stranger.

Also that an Assembly residing out of the bounds of that Colony whereof they have the government, Cannot execute any power over the persons, or goods of any of the Colonie, to seize on them for debt, or other duty, in any place without the Colony it selfe, as having no Jurisdiction, nor Authoritie elsewhere, but are left to the remnedie, which the Law of the place alloweth them.

Such are Ambassadors, Messengers, Agents, and Heralds, sent by publique Authoritie, and on publique Businesse.

His mince you see runnes on his minions, And all his heaven is to delight himselfe: And whilste he sleepes securely thus in ease, Thy brother Guise and we may now provide, To plant our selves with such authoritie, That not a man may live without our leaves.

Greer was the only one who didn’t cash the buyout check—maybe he was holding out for more money, or maybe he was ready to blab to the authorities.

Miss Margaret Gonzalez had phoned the New York authorities to assure them that she was in no danger, and to explain that the disturbance at the Plaza Hotel was merely a dispute between herself and a male companion she had met in a bar.

The bald doctor was gesticulating angrily at the camera and barking for a nurse to call the authorities.

For by this Authoritie, given him by every particular man in the Commonwealth, he hath the use of so much Power and Strength conferred on him, that by terror thereof, he is inabled to conforme the wills of them all, to Peace at home and mutuall ayd against their enemies abroad.

That is my word, and if it is insufficient for you, then perhaps I'll have to go to authorities for whom my word is good enough.

Among them was maister Rombus a schoolemaster of a village thereby, who being fully perswaded of his owne learned wisedome, came thither, with his authoritie to part their fray.

There is on record his application to the Virginia authorities in 1641 for leave to go into the Indian country and visit Cleopatra, his mother's sister.

Other authorities are: "The Historie of Travaile into Virginia," etc.