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This was named the Aute Valley, from the circumstance that the first gardens of the Aute, or cloth-plant, fetched from Tahiti, were set out here.

Smith, Young, and Christian had joined forces in clearing a considerable field in the Aute Valley.

It was a custom, well established by now, to rest here for a few minutes each morning before descending to work in the Aute Valley.

Christian handed young Thursday October to his mother, shouldered his pole, and took the path with Smith and Young to the Aute Valley.

Toward noon of the same day, Tararu was at work on a small clearing in the Aute Valley.

Winding picturesquely among the trees, well-worn trails led to the Goat-House, to the western slope where Williams lived, to the Aute Valley where the principal gardens of the cloth-plant had been laid out, to the yam and sweet-potato patches and plantain walks, to the rock cisterns Christian had insisted on building in case of drought, to the Rope, and to the saw pit, still used occasionally when someone was in need of plank.

Yesterday, in the Aute Valley, I marked down a sow with eight young pigs of an age to catch.

Here it branched, a second trail leading southward along the ridge to the partially clear lands of the Aute Valley.

Passing his musket to Te Moa, Nihau stepped forward and seized Martin by the other arm, and before the white man could again speak he was half pushed, half dragged along the path leading to the Aute Valley.

Maimiti left the settlement with her three children and went over to the Aute Valley to live, and Moetua and Nanai went with her.

I went along the trail that goes along the western ridge and into the Aute Valley from that side.