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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aurin \Au"rin\ ([add]"r[i^]n), n. [L. aurum gold.] (Chem.) A red coloring matter derived from phenol; -- called also, in commerce, yellow corallin.


n. (context organic chemistry English) A red colouring matter derived from phenol. Used as an indicator.


Aurin (C.I. 43800), sometimes named rosolic acid or corallin is an organic compound, forming yellowish or deep-red crystals with greenish metallic luster. It is practically insoluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol. It is soluble in strong acids to form yellow solution, or in aqueous alkalis to form carmine red solutions. Due to this behaviour it can be used as pH indicator with pH transition range 5.0 - 6.8. It used as intermediate in manufacturing of dyes.

Usage examples of "aurin".

Garth remained behind with Aurin Striate and Triss, apparently untroubled that he was not going with her, comfortable with their separation even knowing Wren was clearly not.

Aurin Striate looked as gaunt and faded now as he had in the shadows and darkness of the lava fields without, his angular body loose and disjointed as he moved, nothing working quite as it should.

She was about to ask Aurin Striate if it was so when she realized what he had just said.

Aurin Striate answered, second in command only to Barsimmon Oridio and anxious to succeed him.

Aurin Striate first, Triss, Gavilan, Eton Shart, and Barsimmon Oridio after a brief hesitation and with obvious misgiving.

Aurin Striate by the door leading down into the tunnels and moved over to stand beside him.

Aurin Striate in the lead, pulling open the doorway that led down into the tunnels, pausing at the entry to look back at the queen.

They proceeded in single file, strung out behind Aurin Striate as he worked to find a line of solid footing through the mire.

She remembered how Ellenroh had cried in her arms when Aurin Striate was gone, like a little girl again, unashamed of her grief, mourning someone who had been much more than a faithful retainer of the throne, more than a lifetime companion, and more than just a friend.

Aurin Striate and the queen were both gonethe two they could least afford to lose.