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n. (plural of aureus English)


See aureus

Usage examples of "aurei".

As banquet-favors, he gave eunuchs, or four-horse chariots, or horses with saddles, or mules, or litters, or carriages, or a thousand aurei or a hundred pounds of silver.

And the performers too he invited to what really were chances, giving as prizes a dead dog or a pound of beef, or else a hundred aurei, or a hundred pieces of silver, or a hundred coppers, and so on.

After his speech he announced a largess of three aurei for each, just as if they were soldiers, and asked them to pray the gods that they might find others to recommend to him.

Ishmael reminded Marcus that he had made his first million aurei of gold in transporting sand from Egypt to Roman arenas.

Another dragged off his belt, taking with it the gold aurei hidden within it.

She no longer had aurei for luxuries, let alone a plenitude of denarii for the barest of essentials.