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Aure may refer to:

Aure (river)

The Aure is a river in northwestern France in the region of Lower Normandy. Its source is in Caumont-l'Éventé, and it flows into the river Vire in Isigny-sur-Mer. The largest town on the Aure is Bayeux.

Aure (village)

Aure is the administrative centre of Aure Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The village is located on the mainland, along the Aursundet strait. The village has a population (2013) of 640, which gives the village a population density of .

The village looks across the strait at the small islands of Ruøya and Rottøya and the large island of Ertvågsøya beyond those two islands. The river Aurelva runs through the village and empties into the sea. The Aursund Bridge and Mjosund Bridge form a road connection from the village of Aure to the island of Ertvågsøya.

The village of Aure has been the site of a church since the 10th century. The old church from the Middle Ages was torn down and replaced in 1726. A new Aure Church was built soon after that. The church is the main church for the municipality.