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Crossword clues for aurally


adv. Pertaining to sound or the ear.


adv. with regard to sound or the ear; "the new musical was visually and aurally appealing"

Usage examples of "aurally".

It was an illusion and the illusion was aural and aurally supported: the phone-line's other end's voice was dense, tightly compressed, and vectored right into your ear, enabling you to imagine that the voice's owner's attention was similarly compressed and focused .

The family is the scandal of the neighborhood, the parents unreconstructed hippies who drive a loud (visually and aurally) truck, refuse to mow their "natural" lawn under threat of numerous court injunctions, and parade about in unfashionable rags and long ratted hair (both mother and father).

In response to her softly murmured code string, the cubicle promptly erected a privacy screen, cutting them off both visually and aurally from the rest of the installation.

Depending on which degree of political correctness you wished to accept, Teddy Carena was either a deaf mute, a hearing-and-speech impaired woman, or an aurally and vocally challenged person.