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AUR may mean:

  • Aberdour railway station, Computer Reservation System code
  • African Union of Railways
  • American University of Rome
  • Arch User Repository
  • Acute urinary retention

Aur may mean:

  • Auriga constellation abbreviation, as standardized by the International Astronomical Union
  • Aur Atoll, Marshall Islands
  • Aur Island, Malaysia

Usage examples of "aur".

It seems that she had private meetings with various members of the Severalty Front, including General Aur, immediately before the coup.

If you think General Aur will be happy when I tell him that, then carry on as you have been.

General Aur, who had no hesitations about bringing about the deaths of others, and little apparent regard for their own lives.

The Federation might be a bit discomfited when it finds out what Aur and his advisers have up their sleeves.

The functionary who had tried to keep her from seeing General Aur held an archaic particle weapon poised in his hand.

The Severalty Front led by General Aur has taken complete control of the planet.

Not the Federation, but something else, something that General Aur and the rest of the Severalty Front were busy conjuring up.

General Aur and the other leaders of the Severalty Front all risked their lives fighting in the resistance against the Cardassians.

Apparently, General Aur himself and new Bajoran Minister of Trade wish to speak to me.

General Aur made an expansive gesture with one hand, then resumed his satisfied contemplation of the stars, only occasionally glancing over his shoulder at the other men in the office.

McHogue glanced over at General Aur, raised his eyebrows, then came back to Sisko.

And using the capital would have too many political drawbacks for General Aur and the rest of the new government.

The Bajoran people may not be as ready to forgive and forget as Aur would like to believe.

Perhapsat least in this particular instanceI am wrong and General Aur is right.

General Aur and the Severalty Front took the first part of that away from herand then you removed the rest.