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init. acceptable use policy


AUP may refer to:

  • Acceptable use policy in business
  • Afghanistan Uniformed Policewoman
  • Agile Unified Process in programming
  • Australian pound (1910–1966)
  • .aup, the filename extension for Audacity projects. (AUdacity Project)
  • Airspace Use Plan, defines which elements of airspace are occupied (usually for the following day)

Usage examples of "aup".

Not of course that there is any doubt that the poet called himself Cooper (of which his name is merely the older spelling): oup, owp spells oop in English: there are no aups (in Latin value): so stoup, group, soup and formerly also droup, stoup (verb), troup, coup(er), whouping-cough, loup, etc.

As soon as the connection was made again with Frankfurt, he would ask the President how much he could concede to the opposition floor leader in return for his full support of AUP.