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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aumbry \Aum"bry\, n. Same as Ambry.


n. (alternative form of ambry English)

Usage examples of "aumbry".

She had just time enough to edge into the shadow of the tall, heavy aumbry Lord Madderly used to store illuminated manuscripts of Books of Days.

She got down on her hands and knees and crept from hiding place to hiding place, always keeping the bulk of a chest or an aumbry between herself and the killer.

The aumbry rocked forward a little, but did not seem inclined to do more.

There was no time for him to move out of the way, no time for more than a strangled cry to escape him as the heavy oak aumbry bore him to the floor with a resounding crash.

From beneath the aumbry little showed of the man who had killed three times and attempted to kill again.

Returning to the aumbry, she placed two more heavy purses beside the first pair.

Tamaslei unlocked the iron-bound door of her aumbry, as Kane held open his bag.

While Abbot Henry silently fetched a brace of candlesticks from the nearest aumbry and invested them with fresh beeswax candles, Arnault and Ninian moved to the rear of the chapel, where Ninian proceeded to lay out several small items from a deerskin pouch at his girdle.

The solid dark weight of the familiar furniture, the chest and aumbry, the chair and the prie-dieu stood out against the wainscot paneling behind them.

She had encountered him once when he was at his workwaxing the aumbries and weeping, so that the wax mingled with his tears.

He dreaded being sent back to the Tower even more than he dreaded a beating for stealing illegal passage on the Windship, but if he were allowed to remain in the city, would he not merely end up as a drudge, toiling in sunless chambers for the rest of his life, polishing aumbries, bleeding, broken?

Then the aumbries of the most famous monasteries were thrown open, cases were unlocked and caskets were undone, and volumes that had slumbered through long ages in their tombs wake up and are astonished, and those that had lain hidden in dark places are bathed in the ray of unwonted light.

And on the other side, the church side, that is, along this stone wall, were the aumbries, big cupboards where the manuscripts were kept.

As the shadows receded amid a fragrant waft of incense smoke, the Master used a second key to unlock the second of the aumbries, from which he brought out a stoppered flask of alabaster and a miniature silver chalice.