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n. (cx musici English) Any of a class of ancient Greek musical instruments resembling pipes or flutes.


An aulos (, plural , auloi) or tibia ( Latin) was an ancient Greek wind instrument, depicted often in art and also attested by archaeology.

An aulete was the musician who performed on an aulos. The ancient Roman equivalent was the tibicen (plural tibicines), from the Latin tibia, "pipe, aulos." The neologismaulode is sometimes used by analogy with rhapsode and citharode ( citharede) to refer to an aulos player, who may also be called an aulist; however, aulode more commonly refers to a singer who sang the accompaniment to a piece played on the aulos.

Usage examples of "aulos".

The flute or aulos does not seem to have been used in connection with the cithara at all, and the Greeks had nothing corresponding to what we call an orchestra.

Ariani when Corporal Kallas and his twin brother Aulos grabbed him and hoisted him onto one of the tables.

To either side of the city, vast stretches of the tall musical reeds, the Anche, that gave the major country of Aulos its name, tossed in the afternoon wind, but their song and the high-pitched cree of a wheeling flock of blue-backed harks was lost in the distance and the hubbub of the crowd.

Two moons hung over Aulos, throwing black shadows from the buildings, fading the net of stars to blurring points of light.

He looked up at the sky again, at the fluttering rags of cloud shrouding the net of stars, while the children of Aulos stepped into the alien beam.

The aulos was appropriate to certain religious services and to certain festivals, and it had a moderate status in the various contests of the national games, but the great instrument of Greek music, the universal dependence for all occasions, public and private, was the lyre.