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n. (synonym of flautist English)

Usage examples of "aulete".

His present wealth had also caught an even shrewder financial magician in his net: Gaius Rabirius Postumus, whose thanks for reorganizing the shambles of the Egyptian public accounting system had been to be stripped naked by King Ptolemy Auletes and his Alexandrian minions, and shoved penniless on a ship bound for Rome.

Ptolemy Auletes when he was consul and secured a decree confirming Auletes in his tenure of the throne of Egypt.

Ptolemy Auletes died in May of last year, well before I arrived in Syria.

Then the Idumaean prince Antipater, who stands very high at the Jewish court of Hyrcanus, suggested that I recall the legion Aulus Gabinius left in Egypt after he reinstated Ptolemy Auletes on his throne.

Egypt after Gabinius had already restored Ptolemy Auletes to his throne.

Neither a good scholar nor a true teacher, he had been a great intimate of her father, Auletes, and owed his position to that happy chance.

The daughters of Macedonian aristocrats, they had been given to Cleopatra when all three were small children, to be the royal companions of the second daughter of King Ptolemy Auletes and Queen Cleopatra Tryphaena, a daughter of King Mithridates of Pontus by his queen.

We evaded that and then bribed this same Gaius Caesar to confirm Auletes in his tenure of the throne.

Who spirited them off to Pontus and in time married them to two of his many daughters, Auletes to Cleopatra Tryphaena, and the younger Ptolemy to Mithridatidis Nyssa.

Luckily, however, he was not as effeminate as his younger brother, the Cyprian, who never managed to sire any children: Auletes and Cleopatra Tryphaena confidently expected to give Egypt heirs.

But an un-Egyptian and unorthodox upbringing had not inculcated in Auletes a true respect for the native Egyptian priests who administered the religion of that strange country, a strip no more than two or three miles wide that followed the course of the river Nilus all the way from the Delta to the islands of the First Cataract and beyond to the border of Nubia.

Failing to understand, Auletes had made no attempt to conciliate them.

Oh, as King, Auletes had control of the public income, which was enormous.

Knowing that they could not produce any offspring until Auletes was at least crowned King of Egypt, Cleopatra Tryphaena set to work to woo the priests.

The result was that four years after they had arrived in Alexandria, Ptolemy Auletes was officially crowned.