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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Auld \Auld\, a. [See Old.] Old; as, Auld Reekie (old smoky), i. e., Edinburgh. [Scot. & Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

variant of old that more accurately preserves the Anglo-Saxon vowel. Surviving in northern English and Scottish; distinctly Scottish after late 14c.


a. (context archaic Northern England Liverpool English) old alt. (context archaic Northern England Liverpool English) old


adj. a Scottish word; "auld lang syne"


Auld as a surname may refer to the following persons:

  • Alex Auld (born 1981), Canadian hockey player
  • Andrew Auld (1799–1873), Scottish ship's carpenter in Hawaii
  • Andy Auld (1900-1977), Scottish-American soccer player
  • Bertie Auld (born 1938), Scottish football player and manager
  • Cathy Auld, Canadian curler
  • Doug Auld (born 1962), American editor and publisher of Sprint Car & Midget Magazine
  • Eric Auld (1931–2013), Scottish painter
  • F. H. Auld (1881-1961), Canadian agricultural scientist and Saskatchewan's Deputy Minister of Agriculture
  • Georgie Auld (1919-1990), Canadian-American jazz tenor saxophonist, clarinetist and bandleader
  • James Auld (1921-1982), Canadian politician
  • James Muir Auld (1879-1942), Australian artist
  • Jim Auld, New Zealand rugby league player
  • John Allan Auld (1853–1924), Canadian newspaper owner and politician
  • Patrick Auld, Australian winemaker, father of W. P. Auld
  • Robin Auld (born 1937), judge in the English Court of Appeal
  • Robin Auld (musician) (born 1959), South African singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet and writer
  • W. P. Auld (1840-1912),Australian explorer, wine maker and merchant
  • William Auld (1924-2006), Scottish author and Esperanto leader

Usage examples of "auld".

It was a dangerous place to climb, for the ladder was auld and frail, and wanted ane or twa rounds.

I know what it is that you want you may be sure that I will do all I can, for the sake baith of the colonel and of you, auld comrade.

I passed him on the road yestereen mounted like a cadger and groaning like an auld wife.

Auld Jock smoked his cutty pipe, gazed at the fire or into the kirk-yard, and meditated on nothing in particular.

So ah clear ma throat and dae what ma auld boy always telt me tae dae when yir under pressure in negotiations and ye need tae bullshit.

Now, I can tell you, that your auld Laird is disturbed in his grave by your curses, and the wailing of your family, and if ye daur venture to go to see him, he will give you the receipt.

But wadna ye hae thoucht he was auld eneuch to ken better by this time?

There never was woman yet, young or auld, that was ill-set to a sodger, forbye yon randy Jael, wha maun hae been an unco trial to her man.

He begged me to help Auld Jock, and what did I do but let my fule tongue wag about doctors.

The fiend had bare departed when Ailie came over the threshold to find the auld carline glunching over the fire.

Homeless on earth, gude Auld Jock had gone to a place prepared for him.

Ah used tae hate the cunt when ah wis first-year, but when ye git aulder eh hus mair ay a crack wi ye.

Our gudeman leans owre his kale-yard dyke, And a blithe auld bodie is he.

He gives me the kind of hard grip that aulder radge types like tae gie you, as a daft wideo test.

While honest men slept in their beds, the auld rudas carlines took their pleasure.