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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The great auk is one of the few creatures whose final hours can be documented with such certainty.
▪ The feather trade in great auks, eider, and other sea birds has been mentioned earlier.
▪ In spring those cliffs are alive with auks and gulls, and my favourite bird, the gannet.
▪ Much the smallest and shortest-billed auk, also the smallest diving seabird.
▪ Neither formation provides ledges of any size or permanence, although small auk populations once nested on the chalk cliffs.
▪ The feather trade in great auks, eider, and other sea birds has been mentioned earlier.
▪ The great auk is one of the few creatures whose final hours can be documented with such certainty.
▪ The least sociable auk, breeding in very loose colonies, in crevices of cliffs and rocks.
▪ Two auks, blinking, waddled foolishly across the ledge.
▪ Where had our gull and our auk spent the summer?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Auk \Auk\, n. [Prov. E. alk; akin to Dan. alke, Icel. & Sw. alka.] (Zo["o]l.) A name given to various species of arctic sea birds of the family Alcid[ae]. The great auk, now extinct, is Alca impennis (or Plautus impennis) . The razor-billed auk is Alca torda. See Puffin, Guillemot, and Murre.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse alka, probably originally imitative of a water-bird cry (compare Latin olor "swan," Greek elea "marsh bird").


n. Any of several species of Arctic sea birds of the family ''Alcidae''.


n. black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas


AUK may refer to:

  • AUK CORP, a Korean semiconductor and optoelectronic manufacturer
  • General Claude Auchinleck
  • AETN UK, a joint venture of A&E Television Networks and British Sky Broadcasting.
  • Auk, a type of bird
  • Auk oilfield, oilfield near Aberdeen, Scotland
  • The Auk, an American ornithological journal
  • AUK, IATA code for Alakanuk Airport in the Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska
  • Audax UK, a cycling organisation
  • American University in Kosovo, part of the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • American University of Kuwait, a non-profit university in Kuwait

Usage examples of "auk".

He was looking at, he knew, a great auk, a bird that up in his world had been extinct but which, a few centuries before, had been common from Cape Cod to far north in Canada.

I suppose that we could send you back to Auk House, but that would be undesirable, I think.

From a window, he saw that the conformation of the coastline was much the same as it had been at Auk House.

Private investigators, shady operators like the Boston realtor and the Campbell who had listed Auk House for sale or rent.

I had only heard that someone had escaped from Auk House and had ended up with us.

Work in the project for twenty years, for example, and at the age of fifty - in some cases, even earlier - you can have a wide choice of retirements - an estate somewhere on Auk world, a villa on a paradise world, a hunting lodge in another world where there is a variety of game that is unbelievable.

He knew how the staff at Auk House was changed, where the supplies came from.

I do know that on Auk world there are several stations other than Auk House.

Breen, head of the evaluation team, the one man, Gale had said, who could tell him why he had been lured to Auk House.

Holding steadily in view the easy business ethic that had held sway in that day when arrogant lumber barons had built mansions such as Auk House.

Maybe by that time, most of the personnel here would have been transferred to Auk House or to other stations, fleeing this doomed place.

They had sent him back to Auk House, not back to the grassy compound that lay inside the fence in that other world where the Cretaceous had not ended.

I had nothing more to say, for the prospect of beholding with my own eyes a living specimen of the great auk produced a series of conflicting emotions within me which rendered speech profanely superfluous.

Neanderthal Man, the dodo, the great auk, and all the others to move over to make room for you.

I was to set sail with my auks in a cat-boat bound for Port-of-Waves, Halyard trundled up to me in his chair and announced his intention of going with me.