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n. (given name male diminutive=Augustus).


Augie is a Local Government Area in Kebbi State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Augie.

Major Towns in the area include Bagaye, Birnin Tudu, Bubuce, Illela. The area is primarily agricultural producing sugarcane, mango,banana etc. The major language groups are Hausa, Fulani and Zabarmanci, and the population is predominantly Muslim.

It has an area of 1,185 km² and a population of 117,287 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 861.

Augie (disambiguation)

Augie is the name of a settlement in Nigeria.

Augie is also used as a nickname for August and variations of the name, which derives from the Latin Augustus. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "augie".

With Albury going light on the details and heavy on the salary, Augie took ten seconds to make up his mind.

One night he and Albury had been drinking beer at a Key West bar when Augie told him they had better leave.

But no sooner had Augie whispered his warning than the little man got up from the bar, slipped a .

When Augie brought three steaming mugs of coffee, Albury arranged the crawfish remnants into a makeshift map on the hatch cover.

He looked at Albury, at Augie, at Jimmy, a long measuring stare for each.

Even when Augie returned from the quick foray aft to report that the Colombians were quiet except for the gut-shot one, who was missing, Albury felt nothing.

He jerked upright at the sound of pounding feet and the sight of Augie bursting into the pilothouse, a bloody fish knife in his fist.

Jimmy and Augie were scrubbing the mess from Key Largo off the fishing deck.

Jimmy opened three cans of cold beer, and Augie constructed huge sandwiches from fresh cold cuts.

Jimmy and Augie guided the boat deeper into the green arms of the tiny island.

They saw the trussed-up Augie and set up a din that sounded like the shrill of a roomful of teakettles.

He handed two of them to Triad and Augie and kept the third for himself.

Cygnan visitors, the steaming basins of slop were wheeled in by Augie and an unfamiliar Cygnan who limped along tripod-fashion on what looked like a half-regenerated leg.

He was the councilman from Redhook in the North End and was regarded as a serious candidate to become Mayor when Augie Bolcarro finally died.

While Augie Bolcarro was living, he had appeared here at least once a week, and Toots Nuccio, the octogenarian fixer, had a large table in the corner where he kept court every day with his many vassals in politics and the mob.