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Auer may refer to:

Auer (surname)

Auer ("from the meadow" in German, "haze" in Finnish) is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alois Auer (1813–1869), Austrian printer, inventor and botanical illustrator
  • Augie Auer (1940–2007), New Zealand atmospheric scientist and meteorologist
  • Barbara Auer (born 1959), German actress
  • Benjamin Auer (born 1981), German soccer player
  • Christian Auer (born 1966), Austrian skeleton racer
  • Doris Auer (born 1971), Austrian pole vaulter
  • Edward Auer (born 1941), American classical pianist
  • Florence Auer (1880–1962), American theater and motion picture actress whose career spanned more than five decades
  • Fritz Auer (born 1933), German architect
  • Gerhard Auer (born 1943), German rower
  • Gregory M. Auer (1937–1993), American art-director, screenwriter and cameraman
  • Hans Auer (1847–1906), Swiss-Austrian architect
  • Howie Auer (1908–1985), American football player
  • Hubert Auer (born 1981), Austrian footballer
  • Ilmari Auer (1879–1965), Finnish politician and farmer
  • Joe Auer (born 1941), American football running back
  • Johann Paul Auer (1636–1687)
  • John Auer (1875–1948), American physiologist
  • John F. Auer (1866–1951), sailor in the United States Navy
  • Jon Auer (born 1969), American musician
  • Judith Auer (1905–1944), resistance fighter against the Nazi régime in Germany
  • Karl Auer (1916–1997), German Waffen-SS member
  • Leopold Auer (1845–1930), Hungarian violinist and conductor
  • Martin Auer (born 1951), Austrian writer
  • Martin S. Auer (1918–1991), New York state senator
  • Matthew Auer, Dean of the Hutton Honors College at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana
  • Michael E. Auer (born 1948), German computer scientist
  • Mischa Auer (1905–1957), Russian actor and the grandson of Leopold Auer
  • Monika Auer (born 1957), Italian luger
  • Ron Auer (born 1950), American politician
  • Väinö Auer (1895-1981), Finnish geologist and geographer
  • Victor Auer (born 1937), sports shooter
Auer (Odenwald)

Auer is a river in Hesse, Germany. It measures 6.7 kilometers in length and is part of the Rhine river system.

Usage examples of "auer".

Heinz Auer, Rudolf Forcher, Leopold Ambichl, Josef BAuer, Josef Edler, Anton GebAuer, and twenty more.

She had been required to stand up to Philip for the decade and a half when they had skulked from neighborhood to neighborhood until returning to within two blocks of the house on Auer Avenue where Timothy and Philip were born to Mom and Pop Underhill.

In silence, the boys left the northern end of the alley and turned east on Auer Avenue, not an avenue at all but merely another residential street lined with houses and parked cars.

They began drifting back up the alley toward the Monaghan house and West Auer Avenue.

On West Auer Avenue, a man in a gray University of Michigan football T-shirt, gray cotton shorts, and flip-flops was washing a dark blue Toyota Camry in his short double-wheel-track driveway.

And if it did not, he would lose it when he turned onto West Auer, because the red pickup would have no reason to follow him when he left Sherman Boulevard.

He came to Auer and executed a neat, military right-face, hoping to make his getaway before the guy in the pickup realized he was gone.

Auer and Shwa, and once they were ready, we set out to explore the world by subway.

Bertha's sensitive to females and children, Auer to the blacker side of life.