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Auen may refer to:

places in Europe:
  • Auen, Austria in Carinthia (state)
  • Auen, Germany, in the Bad Kreuznach district, Rhineland-Palatinate
several southern African Khoisan languages:
  • ǂKxʼauǁʼein language
  • 'Akhoe language

Usage examples of "auen".

He sings of the prowess and joys that once were his (Aria: "Durch die Walder, durch die Auen"), but falls into a moody dread at the thought that Heaven has forsaken him and given him over to the powers of darkness.

The lenkthe of an eln3erde the large hede hade, The grayn al of grene stele and of golde hewen, The bit burnyst bry3t, with a brod egge As wel schapen to schere as scharp rasores, The stele of a stif staf the sturne hit bi grypte, That wat3 wounden wyth yrn to the wandez ende, And al bigrauen with grene in gracios werkes.

Thenn Arthour bifore the hi3 dece that auenture byholde3, And rekenly hym reuerenced, for rad was he neuer, And sayde, "Wy3e, welcum iwys to this place, The hede of this ostel Arthour I hat.

Bi vche grome at his degre graythely wat3 serued Ther wat3 mete, ther watz myrthe, ther watz much ioye, That for to telle therof hit me tene were, And to poynte hit 3et I pyned me parauenture.

Bot hit ar ladyes inno3e that leuer wer nowthe Haf the, hende, in hor holde, as I the habbe here, To daly with derely your daynte worde3, Keuer hem comfort and colen her care3, Then much of the garysoun other golde that thay hauen.

Bot the poynte3 payred at the pyth that py3t in his scheldez, And the barbe3 of his browe bite non wolde-- Tha3 the schauen schaft schyndered in pece3, The hede hypped a3ayn were-so-euer hit hitte.

Bot who-so knew the costes that knit ar therinne, He wolde hit prayse at more prys, parauenture.