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n. (context finance English) Australian dollar


Aud may refer to:

Usage examples of "aud".

The roll-call verified the presence of two hundred and twenty Representatives, whose names were as follows:-- Le Duc de Luynes, d'Andigne de la Chasse, Antony Thouret, Arene, Audren de Kerdrel (Ille-et-Vilaine), Audren de Kerdrel (Morbihan), de Balzac, Barchou de Penhoen, Barillon, O.

Ruby pulled the gold chain and emerald pendant over her head and handed it to Aud. "I have no money but I think this is valuable.

She made up a platter for Thork with three cheeseburgers and a half-dozen pieces of baklava, then did the same for Dar and Aud. Placing both platters in a warming oven, she instructed Ella to place one before Thork after everyone was seated.

Stay in the world, Aud. Before I met her, everything had been so clear, so simple, but she had made me aware how alive and complex the world and the people in it were.

He led the long line of IslandersAud's and Astrane'samong the blighted trees, going fast, with a morose and savage face that made Aud think better of his taunts.

Stark shouted to Aud, and ran from the woods with the Northhounds baying before him.

He was only dimly aware of Aud fighting beside him, silent and deadly.

Stark said to Aud, "I want the Lords Protector alive, you understand that?

Stop thinking about it and do it, Aud. She stopped halfway back across the living room, the salami and lettuce in the fridge temporarily forgotten.

Since aged lenses have lost accommodative powers anyway, little is sacrificed beyond the inconvenience of the operation and of having to wear glasses, aud such inconvenience is certainly preferable to blindness.

Ruby went to the end of the table, well below the salt, hoping to be as inconspicuous as possible, while the girls joined their parents closer to the dais where Dar, Aud, Thork and Linette sat with several hesirs and their wives whom Ruby hadn't met.

He recited a series of encoded instructions into the mike, listened, then cursed, said to Rachmael, "We're cut off aud and vid, all signal contact.

The horses no sooner espied him than, excited, but not alarmed, the whole drove, with neighings, aud tails uplifted like banners, commenced coursing around him in an extended circle, which gradually became smaller and smaller, until they came in close contact.