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  All the instruments of luxury Pertinax exposed to public auction, ^51 gold and silver plate, chariots of a singular construction, a superfluous wardrobe of silk and embroidery, and a great number of beautiful slaves of both sexes.

  Though the three historians agree that it was in fact an auction, Herodian alone affirms that it was proclaimed as such by the soldiers.

  They received with surprise, with indignation, and perhaps with envy, the extraordinary intelligence, that the Praetorians had disposed of the empire by public auction.

Antonino Constitutionis de Civitate Universo Orbi Romano data auctore.

  Igitur tot tamque diversae stirpis gentes non modo intra communem quandam regionem definitae, unum omnes Scytharum nomen his auctoribus subierunt, sed etiam ab illa regionis adpellatione in eandem nationem sunt conflatae.

Addicta avorum praedia Foedis sub auctionibus, Successor exheres gemit Sanctis egens Parentibus.

Epigram 3,) that if the emperor had called in his debts, Jupiter himself, even though he had made a general auction of Olympus, would have been unable to pay two shillings in the pound.

Adauctus is the more remarkable for being the only person of rank and distinction who appears to have suffered death, during the whole course of this general persecution.

Rufinus has mistaken the office of Adauctus, as well as the place of his martyrdom.

Didiceret enim a doctoribus auctoribusque suae salutis, servitium Christi voluntarium non coactitium esse debere.

Gratama has ventured to advance two propositions entirely devoid of proof: "Decem priores tabulas ab ipsis Romanis non esse profectas, tota confirma Decemviratus Historia," et "Hermodorum legum decemviralium ceri nominis auctorem esse, qui eas composuerit suis ordinibus, disposuerit, suaque fecerit auctoritate, ut a decemviris reciperentur.

  Primus Divus Augustus, ut major juris auctoritas haberetur, constituit, ut ex auctoritate ejus responderent.

Universa, quae scriptura Pauli continentur, recepta auctoritate firmanda runt, et omni veneratione celebranda.

  Childeric was deposed - jussu, the Carlovingians were established - auctoritate, Pontificis Romani.

  The great duke, or admiral, made a scandalous, almost a public, auction of the sails, the masts, and the rigging: the royal forests were reserved for the more important purpose of the chase.