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Auca or AUCA may refer to:

  • A pejorative name for the Huaorani people of Ecuador
  • Operation Auca, an endeavor to evangelize the Huaorani tribe
  • Sociedad Deportiva Aucas, a football club from Quito
  • Auca (genus), a genus of butterflies
  • Auca (cartoon), a Catalan genre of story in pictures
  • Auca (Rebel), an Argentine anarchist organisation based in La Plata
  • Auca (titular diocese), a titular diocese of the Catholic Church.
  • Adventist University of Central Africa
  • American University of Central Asia
Auca (genus)

Auca is a butterfly genus from the subfamily Satyrinae in the family Nymphalidae. The species in the genus Auca occur in Chile and Argentina and are common throughout the South-Temperate region. The common name is "Mariposa Negra Comun."

Auca (cartoon)

An auca is a genre of a story in pictures developed mainly in Catalonia.

Auca (titular diocese)

Auca is a titular diocese of the Catholic Church, deriving its name from a former diocese nowadays in the territory of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Burgos in Spain.

Usage examples of "auca".

They were aware that the first missionary to have entered Auca territory--a Jesuit priest, Pedro Suarez--had been murdered by spears in an isolated station near the confluence of the Napo and Curaray.

Nate, despite the unceasing load of responsibility that weighed on him, had never forgotten that the Auca Indians lived only some sixty air miles from Shell Mera.

Nate used his plane to make an occasional survey flight over Auca territory, but not much was located on any of the flights--only a house or two which had been abandoned.

Just after I got on the ground a runner came up and told me of an Auca raid.

Since his arrival in the Oriente, Nate had often flown over Auca territory, his trained eye trying to find houses or villages.

Certainly from that time on, hatred spread throughout the Auca country, and a legacy of reprisal has been passed on from father to son.

Senor Santoval had two captured Auca families working for him and managed to carry on a lively rubber trade with the Aucas still in the jungle.

Santoval died in 1917 and his death was the signal for an Auca attack on the hacienda.

Don Carlos had lived in Auca territory for twenty-six years, before he was driven out by repeated attacks.

He found an Auca house, and one woman peacefully working in the manioc patch.

Sevilia and his men were traveling by canoe upstream on the Nushino when, at a narrow bend in the river, they found themselves the target of dozens of Auca lances.

They may kill or wound a group of Quichua fishermen within Auca boundaries, or they move just beyond their frontiers and attack a Quiehua family working in its chacra.

Don Gados tells of coming upon a deserted Auca hut, and finding there a life sized human figure carved of balsa wood.

Don Carlos has working for him on his hacienda an Auca woman who escaped some years ago from a tribal killing.

In an effort to hide her Auca ancestry she combs her hair down to cover her disfigured ear lobes-- ear lobes once adorned with round balsa wood plugs more than an inch in diameter.