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n. (initialism of area under curve lang=en nodot=yes) (gloss the area under the curve in a plot of concentration of drug in blood plasma against time English).


AUC may refer to:

  • Ab urbe condita or Anno Urbis Conditae, Latin for "from the founding of the city" (of Rome), used for dates
  • African Union Commission
  • Santiago PĂ©rez Quiroz Airport, Arauca, Colombia, IATA code
  • Area under the curve (pharmacokinetics), regarding plasma drug concentration-time curves
  • Receiver operating characteristic
  • Authentication Center in a GSM mobile phone network
  • United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia), former Colombian paramilitary and drugs group
  • Appropriate Use Criteria for a medical procedure or service

Usage examples of "auc".

The word auction had a way of gaining immediate attention, and this was no exception.

Percy glanced over his shoulder to say, "An auction taking place, by the sound of it.

He was just going about it more legally now, as in that absurd auction and in ,naking use of houses like Lonny's that supplied women for such purposes.

And he couldn't go around buying up every female Ashford tried to purchase outright, even if he caught wind of every auction of that sort.

And if the latter was true, then she was in a much more horrid position than she had assumed, being bound to him because of the auction until he decided to end their relationship.

And although it was stated at the auction that she was a virgin, which no one in his right mind would have believed, turns out she actually was.

The proprietor of that place gained a large portion of it for arranging the auc153 ,--, 'Johanna findsey 1021@ tion, but the rest, well, as I said, there were debts that needed taking care of.

While Derek was looking daggers at Percy for mentioning that, James asked, "What auction?

Derek nodded, continuing, "We stumbled upon this auction, you see, and I had no intention of getting involved, certainly didn't want another mistress-that was what the girl was being sold as-but then I saw who was doing the 186 clv@.

She had been frozen in fear upon meeting Lord Ashford again and having the horror of the auction recalled so vividly.

Who, after all, would have stopped you, when that auction was hardly legal?

Though I do have one other here that I bought at auction, just like you.

He bought me at an auction in a house of ill repute, one frequented by many lords of his acquaintance.

I gave up my chance for ever marrying when I was put up on a table in a room full of lords and auctioned to the highest bidder.

If anything, it got more heated after Jeremy let it slip that Derek had bought Kelsey in an auction and explained where that auction had been held.