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He moved on to Catha Heights, wanting to see how Patwin's splendid castle did now that its traitorous athri was dead.

After a brief conference down below, Patwin rode forward on his Radzyn bay.

Aurar, Patwin's youngest daughter, whose birth had been her mother Rabia's death, was currently living at Swalekeep.

But Aurar's demand that an army be sent to level Faolain Lowland and avenge Patwin's death had needed redirection.

Chiana paced the glass and velvet audience chamber, the mourning gray she wore for Patwin billowing in stiff silk folds around her.

Traitorous Lord Patwin was dead, but his brother and two of his daughters were still within the keep.

By this time he ought to be busy reclaiming the river, but Patwin's betrayal was an offense that could not be overlooked.

Izaea, Patwin's eldest daughter, was Kostas' niece through his wife Danladi, half-sister to the long-dead Rabia.

Tobin's theory was that someone among the enemy had known how to communicate with Patwin.

Sangna, Patwin's middle daughter, had put deliberate distance between them and herself.

Ere he came there, him to beguile he thought, And so he did, ere that they *went atwin.