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phr. (context Internet slang English) around the world


ATW may refer to:

  • Access 31, a former Perth television station with callsign ATW, now replaced by West TV
  • Accelerator Transmutation of Waste
  • Agua Tibia Wilderness, a protected area in California
  • Air Transport World, magazine
  • American Theatre Wing
  • American Travelways, a fictional airline in the 1986 film The Delta Force
  • Ansem the Wise, a character from the Kingdom Hearts series
  • Arriva Trains Wales, a train operating company in the United Kingdom
  • Atari Transputer Workstation, computer
  • Atlantic and Western Railway in North Caorlina, United States
  • Atsugewi language, a language of North America (ISO 639-3 language code: atw)
  • Appleton International Airport (IATA airport code: ATW) in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

Usage examples of "atw".

Department of State, released by the Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs, July 16, 1998, available atwww.