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Atty may refer to:

  • Attorney (disambiguation)
  • Slang for atomizer, a component of an electronic cigarette

Usage examples of "atty".

Her sister Atty had warned her long ago that if she chose to be a judge this day would come.

There were fairly strict rules about being a Fate and Atty saw no wiggle room whatsoever.

Chloe may have laughed but figured she was mistaken when Atty started in on her.

Mat Dillon and his bevy of daughters: Tiny, Atty, Floey, Maimy, Louy, Hetty.

And yonder about that grey urn where the water moves at times in thoughtful irrigation you saw another as fragrant sisterhood, Floey, Atty, Tiny and their darker friend with I know not what of arresting in her pose then, Our Lady of the Cherries, a comely brace of them pendent from an ear, bringing out the foreign warmth of the skin so daintily against the cool ardent fruit.

I could hear old Atty banging and swearing in the auxiliary engine room just below us.