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Attu may refer to:

  • Attu Island in Alaska, the westernmost island of the Aleutian Islands chain
  • The Battle of Attu, the primary land battle in the Aleutian Islands campaign of World War II, which took place on Attu Island in May 1943.
  • Attu Station, Alaska, a LORAN station on Attu Island
  • Attu (Greenland), a settlement in western Greenland
  • An extinct dialect of the Aleut language
  • An island in Pargas, Väståboland, Finland

Usage examples of "attu".

       Euclid came through another door from the dining room and the parlor beyond, where Hellbender ballplayers, from kids like me to grizzled codgers like Creighton Nutter, were listening to the news and debating the capture of Attu in the Aleutians.

Up in Alaska, the Army’d finished mopping up Jap resistance on Attu, and the Eleventh Air Force kept on bombing the hell out of Kiska.

The packet also contained a money order for two hundred dollars and a note: Dear Daniel,        I have found your father’s grave on Attu Island, at the westernmost extremity of the Aleutian archipelago.

Fego, however, also received pay from the United States government as a surveyor and a backup mail pilot, and the next day he flew us to Attu, the remotest island in the chain, with a single delivery and refueling stopover at the naval station airfield on Adak Island, not quite midway between Umnak and Attu.

       On Attu, Henry led me inland on foot from Massacre Bay towards the island’s western mountains.

In that cup, the ball glinted like a lighthouse beacon and focused the whole of Attu Island around it, a pivot for the world to turn on.

Passed down from his father, who inherited it after his father died during the Japanese banzai charge on Attu, America's westernmost island.

  One of them was the mayor of Attu -- the most important civil authority.

One of them was the mayor of Attu -- the most important civil authority.

Indeed, from where I sit to Attu, the westernmost of Alaska's Aleutian Islands, is almost four thousand miles.