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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Attrite \At*trite"\, a. [L. attritus, p. p. of atterere; ad + terere to rub. See Trite.]

  1. Rubbed; worn by friction.

  2. (Theol.) Repentant from fear of punishment; having attrition of grief for sin; -- opposed to contrite.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"worn down," 1620s, from Latin attritus, past participle of atterere (see attrition).


Etymology 1 vb. (alternative form of attrit English) Etymology 2

  1. regretful of one's wrongdoing merely due to fear of punishment (compare contrite)

Usage examples of "attrite".

The first is its obvious reliance on large numbers of highly capable (and expensive) platforms such as the M-1 tank, F-14,15, and 18 aircraft and CVN/DDG-51/SSN-688 ships designed principally to be used jointly or individually to destroy and attrite other forces and supporting capability.