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Atto can refer to:

Atto (archbishop of Milan)


Atto was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church who lived in the 11th century.

Born in Rome son of a noble family as a young man in 1062 he was elected by the chapter of the Milan cathedral Archbishop of Milan, Attone was elected archbishop in front of a papal legate but the decision of the chapter of the cathedral didn't receive the placet of emperor Henry IV so he coundn't be enthroned.Attone was so forced to left Milan and he reached Rome where he lived in the Church of San Marco is title as Cardinal.During his stay in Rome Attone wrote a book about canon law in that book he supported the supremacy of the bishop of Rome over the civil authorities following the teaching of pope Gregory VII. The date of his death is unclear for some author the date of the death is around 1080, others authors identify him as a Cardinal Bishop of Palestrina who dies after 1085 and after to be excommunicated by pope Gregory VII.

Atto (bishop of Vic)

Atto (; died 971) was the bishop of Vic from 957 until his death. He had the bishopric of Vic raised to an archbishopric, but was assassinated by his opponents in 971.