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Usage examples of "atten".

He went on into the orderly room grinning and Old Ike bawled Atten HUT again, making it two words again, and the men still went on working.

Atten the Duke of Wellington reached the crossroads and, content that nothing yet threatened the Dutch troops, galloped eastwards to find the Prussians.

The shy boy seemed totally at ease with the atten tion, and if Chance was concerned about sharing his girlfriend's affections, he didn't show it, as he gave the water glass to Dem. Intriguing and disturbing.

The more distant ones remain unmoved, which meant to them that while being in a state of heightened atten tion, human beings could work as if they were in the world of everyday life.

Some adjust ments were made for height, but not a lot of atten tion was paid to niceties that might make things more reasonable or comfortable- Now waistbands of similar metal were brought out and more of the strange rope was used to have them affix the waist bands as the neckbands were.

Per haps a suicide bombing in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or Haifa to distract atten tion.