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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Atte \At"te\ At the. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "atte".

Chaunceller, alle doctours, maistres, other graduats, alle studients, alle scholers, and alle clerkes, dwellyng within the precint of the Universite, of what condicion, ordre or degree soever they be, every dailly continuell servant to eny of theym bifore rehersed belonging, the styward of the Universite wyth their menyall men, also alle Bedells with their dailly servants and their householdes, all catours, manciples, spencers, cokes, lavenders, povere children of scolers or clerkes, within the precinct of the said Universite, also alle other servants taking clothing or hyre by the yere, half yere, or quarter of the yere takyng atte leste for the yere vi.

The fyres brenden upon the auter brighte, That it gan al the temple for to lighte, And sweete smel the ground anon upyaf, And Arcita anon his hand uphaf, And moore encens into the fyr he caste, With othere rytes mo, and atte laste The statue of Mars bigan his hauberk rynge, And with that soun he herde a murmurynge, Ful lowe and dym, and seyde thus, `Victorie!

This knyght avyseth hym and sore siketh, But atte laste, he seyde in this manere: "My lady and my love, and wyf so deere, I put me in youre wise governance.

But atte laste speken she bigan, And mekely she to the sergeant preyde, So as he was a worthy gentil man, That she moste kisse hire child, er that it deyde, And in hir barm this litel child she leyde, With ful sad face, and gan the child to kisse, And lulled it, and after gan it blisse.

But atte laste, to tellen short and pleyn, The sergeantz of the toun of Rome hem soghte, And hem biforn Almache the Prefect broghte, Which hem opposed, and knew al hire entente, And to the ymage of Juppiter hem sente, And seyde, "Whoso wol nat sacrifise, Swap of his heed, this my sentence heer.

And whan he saugh how stille that I lay, He was agast, and wolde han fled his way, Til atte laste out of my swogh I breyde.

But o thyng wol I prey yow of youre grace, That, but my lord forbad yow atte leeste, Burieth this litel body in son place That beestes ne no briddes it torace.

And we wol, lord, if that ye wole assente, Chese yow a wyf in short tyme atte leeste, Born of the gentilleste and of the meeste Of al this land, so that it oghte seme Honour to God, and yow, as we kan deeme.

They did have instructions like 'Adde Aqua Quirmis to the Zinc untile Rising Gas Yse Vigorously Evolved', but never added 'Don't Doe Thys Atte Home' or even 'And Say Fare-thee-Welle to Thy Eyebrows'.