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Even if the woman revealed Rolf now, Anomia doubted Atretes would forgive her.

He was part of her, just as Atretes was, and the separation was as painful as if flesh had been torn away.

As Atretes regarded him, he remembered that Wagast had received his shield and framea a month before Atretes.

Letting, his momentum take him, keeping his hold on the framea, Atretes rolled and came to his feet, freeing the weapon and bringing the razor sharp spear point into the abdomen of an attacker.

Tharacus drew his gladius and slammed the flat of it against Atretes, cold steel pressed against his abdomen.

Atretes looked the young aristocrat over as he was making practice swings with his gladius, then grinned at Bato.

Atretes stared back coldly, wishing his wrists were unshackled and he had a gladius in his hand.

Atretes leaped back as the gladius flashed, opening a six-inch gash on his chest.

Gripping his gladius tighter, Atretes rose to his feet and made ready to fight again, knowing this time he would die.

When the others finished their preening for the mob and joined the formation, Atretes drew his gladius and held it up with the others.

With brute force, Atretes battered the retiarius with scutum and gladius until he found an opening.

The hemiolia was so close, Atretes could see armed men on the main deck.

Atretes followed Hadassah into the room the guard had opened, he listened to the sound of the hobnailed sandals on stone and clenched his fist.

Chapter 6 Chains rattling and manacles digging into his ankles, Atretes was forced down off the wagon just inside the gates of the ludus of Capua.

Roman men also came to the ludus to train, but Atretes was kept away from them.