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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Atop \A*top"\, adv. On or at the top.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from a- (1) + top. Two words or hyphenated at first; not fully established as one word till late 19c.


adv. (context literary or archaic English) On, to, or at the top. prep. 1 On the top of. 2 On the top, with "of".


adv. on, to, or at the top

Usage examples of "atop".

With that Bill lays his arm on him to raise him up, for he said he was squeezed as flat as a pancake, and afore Nabb knew where he was, Bill rolled him right over and was atop of him.

He had one hand below him and managed to push the hatch back as they descended, Avelyn rolling right over the hatchway, the deceivingly agile powrie hopping to its feet atop the now-closed portal.

Spilled coals were scattered across the paving slabs and atop the rumpled velvet, burning holes in the rich pile, and the glass alembic was now a jagged splash of greenish shards.

Lavish floral displays in marble urns stood atop charcoal-gray pedestals in the main room, while areca palms potted in carved stone planters enlivened dark corners and long hallways.

No matter how many times he caused the temples and churches atop Lud Hill to be razed, Asterion could never discover the labyrinth.

Moreover, it was closed with the rock, and atop this rested the heavy log which Aulf had been so proud to be able to move.

When Avis was stretched atop him with his organ snugly captured, he chuckled.

However, they all had something that Bill did not: a propeller beanie perched atop their heads.

Like a sack of grain she landed atop the crossbowman, who bleated and tried to jump aside.

Quickly they had him pinned to the cold ground again, Broc kneeling atop him with his knee on his chest so Tayg could barely breathe.

He stopped the horse beside Jacy and dismounted, allowing Bucko to sit alone atop the big horse.

James watched, fascinated, as the duke tapped his fingertips together, his dark eyes seeming to stare at a delicate Dresden figure atop the buhl cabinet in the corner.

Byzantine-Romanesque surprise which was heaped in bulbiferous pyramids atop the Hill of the Martyrs in the late nineteenth century, soon after the city had finished installing a comprehensive new sewage systen.

I found Aldiss and Anderson paperbacks stashed for a dull moment in the control room of the big telescope at Las Campanas, atop the Andes Mountains of Chile.

Amid the ranks of men bedecked with gleaming armor and mail, draped with crimson capes, her squat form hunched atop her horse looked as if it peered out from a rag pile.